About Us

ET (Sole Proprietor) Tenyo Topalov was registered in 1992 with main scope of business activity of international carriage of goods.

The owner, Mr. Tenyo Topalov, started his business with a single truck but his the long years of relevant experience and diligence helped him develop the Company.

To date the Company has 51 freight compositions (trailers, hangers and mega trailers).

We offer transport of full and partial loads, including ADR loads to and from anywhere in Europe: Bulgaria, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia and Finland.
In order to accelerate and facilitate transport outside the European Union, we have acquired a CEMT permit and we offer customs agency and preparation of customs documents.

The Company has been operating for more than 20 years already and our extensive experience guarantees excellent performance. Clients can put their trust in us not just today, but in the future, they can rely on us in any situation. We invest a lot in establishing good relations with people, especially the ones we work with. We are constantly striving to prove our loyalty and integrity to our client and partners.

This is a viable company creed that embodies the duties and obligations of each and every employee of ET Topalov. Whatever their position –in the transportation, logistics or customs department – all our employees are fully committed, competent and reliable.